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Do you want to catch more visitors for your advertisement or get a better position for a particular keyword in the google search results?
In the essence you want to earn some extra money with your website?
The .NET will give you an easy-to-use solution to fill your website with content – get indexed by google – and get the visitors to click you in the search results!

The problem: Copy text from the first websites in the search results to your website and google will kick you out of the index instantly. And writing a text about one of the most searched topics isn’t our ambition, we would be just like everybody else and the position in the results will be very bad.

The solution: Use the to wildly scramble the copied text before adding it to your website!

Example for the search term “paris hilton partying”:

First result from

Paris Hilton parties till she pukes — on stage – Gossip Archive …
To paraphrase Paris Hilton: that’s not hot. The partying heiress was performing in Las Vegas, when she “puked” on stage, according to crooner Joshua Radin. – 48k – CachedSimilar pages

If you would copy the exact text you will get kicked out of the index – so scramble it first:

on – pukes Hilton stage she Archive Gossip Paris parties till — …
hot. Hilton: Joshua not was Vegas, paraphrase Las To in according stage, she partying heiress “puked” crooner to when The Radin. performing Paris on that’s – 32k – CachedSimilar pages

The benefit of google is the words on the search result havn’t to be the in the exact same order as in the search term. Google will see no connection between the original text and the scrambled version and the robot will index the page as usual.

To make your scrambled text more human like you can add HTML-tags. The collection contains <font>, <em>, <strong>, <u>, <i>, <font color> tags which are randomly added to the text.

Tutorial: Howto use the GoogleScrambler.NET right

DOWNLOAD as .zip file:

Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework

Mono cross platform, open source .NET framework


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