Howto use the GoogleScrambler right

This HowTo will help you maximize the profit you can get by creating a subdomain and using the to fill it with content.

First step:
Create the subdomain and add it via addURL to the google search index. The domain should have an interesting title (e.g. ‘tax refunds made easy’, ‘accident database’ or local keywords like ‘ohio car sales’ or ‘new york tourism discounts’). Check one of my subdomains.
With one subdomain the profit can be little, I recommend to create at least 3 subdomains with a collection of the most interessting keywords with less compitition.

Second step:
Install wordpress to the subdomains and follow the guided setup.

Third step:
This step is the core of it all.
Sign up to a affiliate company with your primary homepage filled with ‘hand-written’ content (better to get more agencies in partnership with you).
Sign up to all PPC (Pay-per-click) programms the affiliate company offers! PPL (Pay-per-lead) or PPS (Pay-per-sale) are not useful for this way to make profit.

Fourth step:
This step is as important as the fourth! You have to add an ‘<iframe>’-tag to your templates header. The size should be 1x1px to be invisible to the user coming to your website.
The <iframe>-tag target will be the merciants website and it will be loaded like you have clicked on the banner itself. (like:
This trick will send every visitor to the merciants page as if he clicked the banner himself.

Fifth step:
Fill the subdomains with scrambled content and wait for google to get them indexed.

This was an example HowTo use the to maximize your online profit.

The googleScrambler-Workflow

The googleScrambler-Workflow

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