GoogleScrambler example

Here is an example for the scrambled text the .NET generates.

On I took “Lindsay Lohan Drunk” as keywords.

These are the search results in raw text format:

Is Lindsay Lohan breaking up or engaged
Sam should have gotten her drunk and hid the diamond in her lobster. The next day when Lindsay’s writhing in agony as the ring tears through her intestine, …
Don’t Turn Drinking Into a Responsibility
Not stinking drunk. Not mean drunk. Not out-of-control drunk. Not Mel Gibson, David Hasselhoff or Lindsay Lohan drunk. And certainly not college drunk

The scrambled version looks like this:

engaged her Not hid Not through college drunk. college hid a drunk. … drunk. Lindsay Is writhing have drunk. David her her when certainly drunk the as Into stinking lobster. in mean in … breaking And out-of-control and a should should Into drunk. next ring drunk. her through Not agony or the Not Turn drunk drunk. the The or Not Drinking not day Lohan gotten Sam drunk. Responsibility Lindsay’s a have Turn a should or Hasselhoff Lindsay agony Mel Don’t

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