googleScrambler.JAR 0.3b


You want to catch more visitors for your ads, adultfriendfinder or backlinks? – The gives you an easy-to-use solution to fill your website with good content. You can copy text into the and you get complete new one – the google robot will index the pages and you get much more visitors within days! By using my programm you prevent google to see a connection between the original content and the scambled one.

Find out more about the below:

Problems with copying content from other websites:

1. The google algorithm:

The google algorithm indexes every website with a date or a simular value. If you copied some content from other websites google will find out with a check of the indexing date. Some infractions of this kind and google will kick your website out of there index – mostly for ever!

2. Challenge between you and the author:

For instance: Your create some subdomains und place 5 pages with copied content on them. google might not kick your website but you challenge the authors website and in most cases you will get a much lower search result position then the authors one.

Advantages of the :

1. Create new content from existing ones:

The main advantage of the is that you can put copied content in the scrambler and it randomly puts the words to a new position. For human readers the random text makes completly no sence – but the google robot detects the scrambled version as a complete new one.

2. Randomly put HTML-Tags into the text:

The scrambled content is a ‘text-only’-version of the original – otherwise the copied images would link to the authors page.

The places <font size>, </br>, <img>, <em>, <strong>-Tags into the text.

The images only have to sizes: 16×16 and 32×32 – and are randomly choosen from 1000 pictures uploaded to the

3. HTML-Previewer inside:

A HTML-Previewer is since 0.3a integrated and shows you the exact output of the .

4. Built-in version checker and automatic updater:

I developed a version checker for the scrambler and in another release I added a automatic updater.

Add your scrambles to whatever you want – your blog, forums, static pages and even to your main website you don’t want to get kicked from the google index – the tool is fail prove and tested over month!

DOWNLOAD the file directly as runnable .jar file: googleScrambler.jar

changelog: 0.3 -> 0.3a @ 2007/05/21

* much more images for the <img>-tags have been added – 1000 to be exact

+ a second frame is added to preview the added HTML in its own window

+ a restore function to call the original text

changelog: 0.2c -> 0.3 @ 2007/05/18

* modified the scrambling algorithm to work nearly 80% faster (great improvement!)

* modified the scrambling-button to work only one time per text, so that HTML-Code isn’t interrupted

+ added a function to randomly spread HTML-Code into the scrambled text (<font size>, </br>, <img> <em> <strong>-Tags)

+ added a switch for scrambling & HTML-insertion and normal scrambling

changelog: 0.2b -> 0.2c @ 2007/05/14

* the main functions (scrambling, updating, downloading) are outsourced and called in own threads

+ added a downloading function to automaticly update the

changelog: 0.2a -> 0.2b @ 2007/05/13

* modified the performance of the scrambling method

* changed the class architecture and outsource some methods

+ added a progressbar for better look and usability.

changelog: 0.2 -> 0.2a

+ added option for easy version checking

changelog: 0.1 -> 0.2

* changed from .java to .jar file format

* new, open and save abilities

* complete redesign of the gui

* add your own distance

+ better exception-handling


— Search and replace function for google search result surroundings (eg. Cached, Simular pages)

— The factor function has to work very soon

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